Traveling to Japan can take many forms.

Many people come to Japan from all over the world.
There are many different styles of travel.
Packag tours, which are recruited and collected by travel agencies, inspections of companies and public organizations, training tours, etc., and technical vist, which requires advanced skills for arrangement companies, as well as FIT personal travel that is affordable. There are many different styles of travel.
We, the LIFEICS Group, have a 30-year history of providing all of these services to Japanese travelers within Japan.
Packege tour has been providing domestic and overseas travel to Japanese people.
Since its founding, Technical Visit has been providing various styles of group tours.
We have been trusted and have a track record of 30 years of experience in a wide variety of group tours, including corporate training, administrative office training, politician training trips, and school trips.
These technical visit group tours are still continuing today.



Package tour is also commonly known as Pactour, and according to Japan's Travel Agency Act, it is called a recruitment-organized tour.

We accept valued customers who have been recruited as part of the client's unique travel brand.
We will take over the client's product brand and will be responsible for operating it during the trip to Japan on behalf of the client.
In accordance with our strict safety standards, we carefully select transportation methods such as land, boat, and aircraft.
We strive to help our valued clients enjoy their trip to Japan even more.
Leave your travel to Japan to LIFEICS.




Technicl Visit is a trip for the purpose of observing governments, organizations, companies, schools, etc., and learning special skills such as training. Technical trips, including incentive tours for companies, are called technical visits.


Our interpreter guide is waiting in the airport arrival lobby for a group of Japanese truck manufacturers and local banks visiting on an incentive tour.


Technical visits are intended for inspections and training at governments, organizations, companies, schools, etc., and require a high level of arranging ability. We at Lifeics have built a system for accepting inspections in Japan based on our 30 years of experience. We can plan inspection trips to government agencies, general companies, various facilities, etc.
We also act as an intermediary for establishing friendship cities, sister cities, and sister schools with regional cities in Japan.
You can rest assured that we can handle inspection trips that require advanced arrangements.

Administrative inspection
Company inspection
School inspection
School exchange
sports exchange



Arranging parties and banquets for groups visiting Japan

We will set it up according to your usage.

Western style party venue

For incentive tours, etc., we can arrange gala parties at the convention halls of first-class hotels with high-class French and Chinese cuisine.
We also prepare for events such as award ceremonies and games.


We offer colorful dishes such as printing your company name on the dessert chocolate with special features for dishes and desserts.

Japanese-style banquet plan at a hot spring inn

Japan is the land of hot springs. After experiencing the quality of Japanese hot springs, we will prepare for a Japanese-style banquet (party). We discuss the dietary preferences of our guests from each country with the head chef in advance, and we do our best to plan a meal that will be as comfortable as possible, even though it is a Japanese banquet.

In technical visits, higher quality is pursued, so it is important to accurately understand the customer's desired content in advance. If our customers' wishes are met and we are able to welcome them with the hospitality that we Japanese people are known for, we are sure to become a hot topic and have more repeat customers.

FIT Foreign Independent Tour

Attractive approach to individual tourists


Asakusa sightseeing

FIT (Foreign Independent Tour) helps individuals travel independently. A style that allows you to travel to your favorite sightseeing spots whenever you feel like it, more easily than a group trip. Attractive approach to individual tourists


Individual group from Malaysia


Customers from Southeast Asia enjoying skiing


Tourists from South Korea taking a commemorative photo at the Seven Star Tree in Furano, Hokkaido


Many tourists make the transition from regular group trips to individual trips. In particular, many European and American tourists tend to prefer FIT and travel in small groups.
Tourists from Asia have been visiting us again and again, and as visa requirements have been relaxed, the number of FIT tourists has also increased.
I think the biggest challenge going forward is figuring out how to attract FIT individual travelers. Our goal at LIFEICS is to provide advanced arrangements that will satisfy FIT customers.

For inquiries snd applications,please contact by e-mail.