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Please enjoy Japan, the country of four seasons.


People from all over the world visit Japan, a country with a history of 6,000 years.
Our country, Japan, has built a wonderful culture and inherited traditions over its long history.
Japan is a country with four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.
We have created a cultural heritage of food, clothing, and shelter in the flow of the four seasons.
A major driving force behind this is the respect for tradition in each region and the seasonal festivals.
Food, clothing, and shelter have developed through the cultural heritage of this festival.
In particular, the culinary heritage of ``Japanese cuisine'' clearly reflects the meticulous and uncompromising nature of the Japanese people.
Traveling in Japan is not just about staying there; you will experience something new by experiencing the cultural heritage and traditions first hand.
At LIFEICS, we help travelers awaken their sensibilities.
We also take thorough measures to ensure travel quality and safety management to ensure that all travelers are satisfied with their trip.
When traveling to Japan, please experience high-quality travel from LIFEICS CORPORATION.


Japanese festival


I will tell you about the culture and traditions of the Japanese people.




Japanese food is a healthy food is attrecting attention around the world.
We will areeange it according to your reqest.



We travel to customers all over the world.


Business activitis in Singapore.


Rushing to the opening of a new store by a japanese travel specialty company.

Participate in a party a partner company's costomers who are traveling to Japan.

Travel product planning

For overseas travelers who don't know about Japan, the Rifix Group, which has a 30-year history in the travel industry, will guide you to every corner of Japan.
We will create an original plan that meets the needs of the traveler.
In addition, we help students study abroad in Japan, help companies expand into Japan, and arrange sports exchanges such as youth baseball and youth soccer.

Decide on the purpose of your trip

We conduct detailed interviews with travelers to find out what they are looking for, where they want to go, and what they want to do, and then select and provide accurate products from all over Japan.
For example, there is no limit to what you can do, such as visiting world heritage sites, visiting Japan's famous shrines and temples, watching sports such as baseball, soccer, and sumo wrestling, watching motor sports such as F1, and observing ancient Japanese culture such as bonsai and moss.
We respond to all your needs.

Creation of advertising media

We will provide our customers with the basic materials needed to create their own original brochures wherever possible.
However, there are some products that do not have the basic materials if they are special or have no prior history.
We also provide customary information regarding the content of the brochure.
Trust for travelers comes from accurate and hot information

Work activities

At LIFEICS, we use the know-how we have cultivated in the Japanese market to carry out sales activities all over the world.
We will work with travel agencies that support travelers from all over the world to provide advice that will make your trip to Japan more enjoyable and memorable.




雪 韓国僧侶

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